When it comes to community magazines, we have one job – to get you loyal and engaged readership. At Birdy Publications, we make a lot of effort and take a lot of pride in the quality of our publications, social media and marketing. With an excellent balance of community news, promotion of local businesses and all the fun bits that keep readers reading, our magazines are a fantastic way to promote your business – The testimonials speak for themselves.

Because of our clever distribution, our advertising rates are extremely competitive, so you get fantastic value for money, while still getting effective advertising.



Our team work hard on filling our magazines with local, relevant content that is fun, motivating and grabs interest. All these things result in engaged readership. Because our readers buy our magazines, it is guaranteed that they want them and they will read them – and often keep then on their coffee table for reference on what’s going on in the town.

By survey, our magazines are the most popular amongst other community magazines in the areas we cover, and for this reason, we know that engagement is a box we tick!


With over 4000 digital subscribers, your advert reaches a targeted audience online as well as offline. Each month we email our full subscription list with links to all our magazines. Our goal is to keep our prices low and keep exposure to your advert as high as possible, so no matter how large our online subscription becomes, you will never pay more for your advert.

Social Media

We LOVE social media and maximise it as a powerful arm to our service. For the duration of your booking, any social media support you need, we will be happy to give.


We are famous for printing beautiful magazines that are not only grassroots, but maintain a slick appearance that attract readers.


Because our content is so on-point and we include numerous relevant features like local Exclusive Offers, What’s On Listings and more, readers hold on to our magazines for longer than usual – it’s almost too hard to throw them away! As such, your advert will get seen again and again and again every time they look through the magazine.


All our magazines are distributed in local stockist. Click the buttons below to see the list of outlets for each magazine.

Felixstowe Library                       The Witches Brew

Bent Hill Post Office                    Nacton Road Fish Bar

Maddy Posh                                  Pizza Go Go

Zoe Gibbs Photography              Emmaus Suffolk

White Horse Pub                          Emma’s Florist

Vogue Hair & Colour Studio       Livia’s Boutique

Ashton Jayne Bridal                     The Vape Store

Hamilton Fish & Chips                Blue & Berry


  • Our magazines cover areas where there is average-large disposable income.
  • We reach professionals, business owners, directors and academics.
  • We also reach senior citizens, retirees and students.
  • Young families and couples whose children have fled the nest, are also key targets for our publications.


Our distribution methods guarantee the best magazine advertising rates. This is something we are particularly proud of as we cherish nothing more, then local independent businesses who make the high street unique, and do as much as we can to promote local businesses at a fair price. Click the links below to see our advertising rates for each magazine.


Our team has an extensive leaflet delivery team to cover Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Kesgrave and parts of Ipswich. For just £55p/1000 your leaflets will be quickly and reliably delivered to ever home and business in the areas we cover. Click below to view our distribution maps and numbers of houses in each area.