Online marketing

We live in a world where a new online marketing platform seems to come out daily. But just because digital media has hit a new wave of existence does not mean that media like print magazines stop working. Have you ever notices that hand-written notes get a better response than emails? Well, something interesting to know about marketing is that as everyone jumps out of an “old” medium (like print magazines) that medium starts to work. A lot of people still read magazines. If you are looking to communicate to your local community you will do well by putting your message in a local magazine.

Worried about readership? Readership is varied, however, per national studies, magazines are churned through the most, by those under 35 and even under 25 as they often encourage readers to learn about new products try new things. That said, the older generations love to take their time over a well-constructed magazine, much like a well-written novel.

How about advertising length? It’s well known to magazine publishers that you need to run ads several times to really create results. Why? Brand awareness increase favourability and that leads to intention to either make an enquiry, or make a purchase.

By research and survey, those businesses that budget for an advertising campaign to run at least 3 consecutive months, always have more bang for their buck.

How about positioning? It’s easy to get hung up on where your advert appears in a magazine but by survey, all magazine ads work well regardless of which part of the publication they run in.

So how about online magazine? It turns out online magazines work pretty much as well as printed magazines. In fact, by survey, readers of online magazines remembered and actually took action even more often from adverts they saw in online magazines.

So… magazines are not dead as an advertising medium. Direct all of your marketing budget into digital media like social media isn’t wise and the future of advertising very much includes digital and print media working hand-in-hand!

Do Offers Really Get More People Through My Business?

May 29, 2018